11 July 2002

peanut butter and jelly sandwich on "hungry filler" bread from natural ovens, the company that stalks me. carrot sticks. mint tea with mint from tina's dad's garden. mmmm....but i was thinking about french fries the whole time. if i ever had a torrid affair with a type of food, it would definitly be potato and it would have to be fried.

last night i had beers with and chatted with a girl who currently has three different kinds of stock in her fridge. THREE KINDS! while stock is comprised almost entirely of meat juices and therefore may not fall within the range of a 'vegetarian' diet, i wish i had the energy and commitment to have a constant supply in my fridge. but, then again, i can barely keep sourdough starter alive...and when i do, the bread still turns out rotten. maybe i'm just not a long term cooking projects kind of gal. i should stick to the 'quick' (i.e. 24 hours or less preperation) recipes instead.

shell pasta with fresh basil from karen's garden, tomatoes, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar and love. not too mention the company of the only person who looks at this blog. never got my fries....maybe tomorrow.


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