01 February 2005


i had rice and beans for dinner two nights ago, lunch yesterday and dinner last night. it's amazing how far you can stretch a batch of food when there's only one person eating it. having spent most of my formative cooking days preparing food for 60-80 people, in a college co-op, i have a particularly difficult time cooking small amounts of food. even when i cook a reasonable amount, i tend to spice the food as if it were enough to feed 60-80. it can be problematic.

at any rate, i'm now eating the first non-rice and beans meal i've had all week: an amy's cheese enchilada with corn and beans. a dramatic departure, eh? but i got home from work late last night and had to be in very early this morning, so i didn't have time to make lunch. for $3.99, i can't complain. it has this strangely pleasing flat almost floury taste that all vegetarian frozen entrees possess.


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