15 July 2002

sigh. how quickly we fall behind.

7/15/02 (today!)
the distance learners are here! free food all week!!!
toasted bagel with chive cream cheese. coffee. a bite of banana chocolate bread.

um, 'antipasti' from the fast italian food place: cucumber feta and olives salad, cannellini w/arugula and couscous w/chick peas. a piece of focacia. a thick green drink that is apparently good for me...have seen no improvements yet.

12am late night bike ride snack
very small greasy slice of cheese pizza in unnecessarily large packaging, eaten with thousands (!) of bike riders in town for the late night bike ride on the north side. thousands! really!

5:30am early morning post-ride breakfast
strawberry kefir, entirely over-sweetened rasberry lemonade. blech. followed by a slow bike ride to magda's, a few hours of sleep, a slower (no sweat allowed!) bike ride to my place and a nap until 5pm!

boca burger on stale but toasted bread. grapefruit juice.

ravinia snack
diet 7up. snickersbar ice cream cone. chips and baba ganoush. cherries.

uhhh....so long ago. uhhhh. no breakfast. sigh.

the "healthy" lunch special at andies in andersonville (hey! how about that!): spinach pie, dolme, hummus, tomato stuffed with salad, feta, olives, fried ("healthy") pita bread, the rice from lida's kabob plate.

rugby game snack
coconut popsicle. lots of water. oh, and, gosh the u.s. team ain't so hot.

bell's oberon. coffee. more coffee. pizza w/pesto, blue cheese, broccoli. no mashed potatoes.


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