17 October 2002

still recovering from my all-night hospital ordeal but i've been so uninspired by what i've eaten over the past two days that it seems appropriate to describe them in a state of sleep deprivation.

yesterday i did what i should have done tuesday, which was to take the day off of work and rest up a bit. i dragged myself out of bed around 11:30am and went to Pauline's with magda. its one of those places that was really good back when it was initially reviewed by all the magazines, etc., but has, i guess, slipped. i found it to be extremely disappointing: tastless, soggy and completely uninspired. and, not to be a snob, but i can't stand when restaurants try to pass egg "scrambles" for "omelettes." these are not the same thing! and the service was not only bad but i sensed some sort of tension between servers, managers, etc. so, in summary, skip it!

late afternoon found us at Unicorn Cafe in evanston, which is one of my favorite cafes in the chicagoland area. it brings back memories of all the nights i spent there during highschool and is a quiet, calm place to be. oh, and the oatmeal raisin cookies are absolutely divine!!!

all i can say about dinner is that the company was much better than the meal itself, a box of pasta and a jar of sauce thrown together with a little feta mixed in to zip it up a bit. and let me tell you, it needed zipping up! but, again, the company was lovely and that can be enough.

tomorrow night: Sushi Wabi!!!


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