08 October 2002

right. after the tour of henry's farm, we got a tour of bill's "kitchen garden," a huge plot and a chicken coop. from there, we drove to theresa's to look at her berry fields, goats, turkeys and kiwi plant. i am in awe of the self-sufficiency and sense of cooperation and community within that group of farmers. its a lot of hard work to have an organic farm, but it is such an ideal life...they are all so content and in love with what they do.

i, for one, had a lovely urban evening at home last night. i printed out a tomato white bean soup recipe off the web, purchased ingredients from my natural food store and the local "domi-jewel," cooked up a nice big vat of soup, perfect for one of the first cold fall nights, and watched a really bad movie starring a really hot lady.


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