25 September 2002

what ann ate in flight:

"the first course is marinated salmon with egg and dill
For the main course we serve cheese cannelloni with
spinach, mixed peppers and provencale sauce.
for dessert fresh fruit. coffee or tea.
before landing we will serve you breakfast consisting
of hot rolls, cold cuts, yoghurt and marmalade, coffee
or tea and orange juice.
of course, all the booze you want, too.
I recall it was quite good, considering. better than
domestic flights, for sure."

when, oh when, will u.s. airlines ever learn?!?

and i, for dinner last night, had crustless asparagus and cheese quiche with mini-croissants, and a cucumber tomato feta salad. dessert was soy ice cream and caramel filled chocolate chip cookies. it was good.


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