24 September 2002

i'm already thinking about tonight's dinner: tomato asparagus quiche and mini croissants! yum yum yum! and a really bad movie to go with it. oh, if only it was 5pm RIGHT NOW!

i am quite pleased that my new neighbor is enthusiastic about cooking...its nice to have someone around who can encourage me to be adventurous in my cooking. thats one of the many reasons i like my friend sara who is an absolutely amazing cook. she and i get together and produce such wonderful stuff. at the domino party she held on sunday night, she provided organic tomato goat cheese salad, mixed bean salsa, tabouleh and homemade sourdough bread. she has promised me starter since mine died. ...and her's is much more low maintenance, so i'll hopefully be able to keep it alive. in the meantime, my dead starter is still sitting in the fridge. should i bury it? throw it down the toilet? just toss it out? i feel bad about it...i killed yeast and didn't even get a loaf of bread out of it. man....i can't be responsible for any living thing...its a miracle the cat's still alive.


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