17 September 2002

the fasting is over. it ended a few hours early, when i "accidentally" popped a piece of the red pepper i was chopping into my mouth. oh well, i'll add it to the list of things i'll atone for next year. i'm sure i'll remember.

fasting was good. i mean, for one day. when other people do it, it makes me nervous because i don't know what their motivations are and i've known too many people to fast for the wrong reasons. but i like doing it for yom kippur. it made dinner so much better.

and dinner was (all homemade): white bean salad w/basil, red pepper, red onion and feta; noodle kugel; soft boiled egg salad with celery and mayo; fake chopped liver which actually turned out quite well--it tastes like chopped liver (and includes hard boiled eggs, walnuts, lentils, veggie bouillion, salt and pepper); tomato pepper goat cheese salad; challah; nectarine cake; wine; budweiser; jelly bellies; dutch mints.

and, so, for lunch today i'm having leftovers. gosh, i love the food of My Peoples. we really know how to cook up a good meal.


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