12 September 2002

school lunch. oh. my. gawd.

while i did not have something as tasty as this for lunch, i did treat myself to the remaining forkful of pesto pasta and a sandwich with farmers cheese, red peppers and mushrooms.

last night for dinner, my wonderful friend melissa brought leftovers from andie's restaurant, the mediterranean place in andersonville, to the library. that these were the leftovers from our dinner the previous night took away the element of surprise and it wasn't quite as good one-day-old, but, really, whose complaining. oh, wait, i am. that's because i'm an ungrateful brute. we had hummus, dolme, spinach pie, dill rice, falafel and pita in the little conference room off to the side, far from any books. i love andie's. its the default lunch spot when i eat out with lida and, really, i wish i ate there more often. they bring you this plate of green olives marinated in oil and onion to munch on while waiting for your food. and a pile of hot pita bread. and sometimes, if you're lucky, your server will write her name backwards and upside down on the paper sheet covering your table. just like macaroni grill!


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