11 September 2002

time for retirement
today was the last time (at least for a bit) that my father and i will eat at printers row. while the waitstaff is friendly and has, oddly, begun to recognize us, the food continues to be a disappointment, at least for those of us who prefer to stick to a vegetarian diet. i started with the tortilla soup sans chicken, remembering to stay away from the cold cucumber dill soup i couldn't stomach last time. the tortilla soup, like the cucumber soup, was overspiced and salty. the broth, in fact, had little flavor going for it besides the spiciness and saltiness of it. for my entree i had the artichoke salad and a side of fries. the artichoke salad was totally overpowered by rosemary...it tasted more like turkey stuffing than anything else. the fries were drenched in oil. ick. no more.

sadly, if one is in the mood for a slightly more upscale lunch where, say, there are more vegetarian options than the house salad hold the bacon bits, there aren't so many options in the west loop. we went to prairie but the 1980s pop muzak they played ruined my appetite...i still suspect it was the cruel joke of an employee at her last day of work. taste of siam is good, but one can only eat lard nar so many days in a row. next week i'm going to make the trek to lake ave. for diner-style indian food with bollywood music playing on the t.v.


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