10 September 2002

i have never been a breakfast person. even as far back as fourth grade, i have memories of trying to sneak off to school before my mom could shove an apple or carnation breakfast bar (ew!) into my hand. but i appreciate the value of breakfast and since i bike to work almost every day, it seems like eating a little something first thing in the morning would probably be a good thing. and so, today i did something i am very conflicted about...i bought slim fast chocolate drink. see, i'm not on a diet but it just seems like such an easy way to at least eat something in the morning! solids are a little too much for me, but i can do liquids. but i have to say that it was embarrassing to take the big box of slimfast onto the el. like everyone, seeing the box, would automatically assess whether or not i should be on a diet, how much i should lose, etc. it's all very anxiety-producing. and in buying the stuff i am supporting the diet industry which is, like, totally evil incarnate! they'll probably use that $7.31 to help pay for an advertisement that makes women feel fat and guilty for wearing a, gasp!, size 8! ack!


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