15 August 2002

My roommate, who has a bit of free time on her hands right now, made one of those dinners that was supposed to be enough for one but ends up enough for about eight last night. therefore, for lunch today i am dining on fantastic squash stuff and tomato eggplant stuff over rice. it is so good. so very very good.

and last night, for dinner, my other (soon to be ex-) roommate bought pizza at Tedino's on Sheridan for everyone who helped her move into her new place (with girlfriend) and for me, even though i didn't help at all. it occurred to me that i really hadn't had pizza for quite a while, and thus it was also so very very good...although not as good as other roommate's masterpiece.

maybe one day i'll cook. i'm volunteering at the evanston farmer's market this saturday, helping out at henry's farm. i could whip something up with the veggies i get there (my reward for showing up at 5am to unload the truck). oh, and, yes, i will be alive awake alert enthusiastic for the party on saturday night! roar!


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