09 August 2002

today i had office coffee, a banana and a pb&j sandwich. oh yeah.

yesterday in a really pitiful attempt to have a "healthier" meal, i had a veggie burrito for lunch. puh-leaz! ten pounds of cheese and rice with a few slices of zucchini melted in a tortilla shell does not a healthy lunch make. so, at dinner at the heartland cafe, i did what i had to do. i got the macrobiotic plate which wasn't too bad, despite its complete lack of taste. but no, the greens were good. the rice wasn't burnt. the mushroom gravy looked like snot but didn't taste like it. i fear that the side of guacamole, bell's amber ale and key lime pie countered the benefits gained by sacrificing taste for macrodiet. we also got an apple cobbler but sent it back since it tasted like refrigerator. gross! i don't know anything about macrobiotic diets although i just read that you can't eat potatoes or tomatoes. lame!


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