31 July 2002

my level of cooking enthusiasm comes and goes in waves and right now i feel myself plummetting into a veggie-soup-from-the-can phase in which the only dishes i care to cook are soup with egg noodles and popcorn. i hope it passes quickly. a girl can only cram so much sodium into her system...

so, given my disinterest in cooking, imagine my delight when, on my way home from the train, i ran into erica and lynne who invited me to dinner at moody's, a bar down the street--their treat! unfortunately, moody's is not very veggie friendly but i settled with the "moody's sizeable salad," hold the bacon. the bacon was not 'held,' but instead brought out in a little cup in order to allow, i guess, for regulated bacon consumption. if you're going to eat salad with bacon on it, just do it. limiting your bacon intake is wussy and you know you'll eat the remaining bacon straight out of the cup after your finished with the salad anyways.

apparently there's a restaurant here in chicago that serves black bear. what ever does it taste like? canadian wilderness.com claims that it is a forgotten delicacy and provides a recipe for black bear stew, but be careful, according to the alaska outdoor supersite, 'tis best eaten fresh.

funny, though, how we get so stuck on the meats that we've grown up eating. i have no qualms about eating liver and yet the thought of eating brains totally disgusts me. not that any of this should matter to me. i'm a vegetarian, right?


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