17 July 2002

dinner, courtesy of gena
tonight wonderful and amazing gena cooked dinner for a few lucky friends. it was a perfect meal for a hot summer night...simple and delicious. cut up veggies with caesar salad dressing, a lightly dressed green salad, a huge plate of raw fruit, cheese and crostini, tomato basil and fresh mozzarella, and beer. fresh, light and i ate a ton! one tends to assume that the most wonderful meals are often those that involve the most preperation and planning, when in fact, sometimes the best is also the easiest!

sigh. so tired, but must persevere! today i had leftovers. all glamour. all the time. it's too hot to eat enough so i eat a few bites, feel nauseously full and then get hungry again an hour later and repeat the cycle. its most inconvenient.


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