15 July 2002

Wow! Ok, so now I know what Eliz has eaten for the past week. Sorry I have been a wayward blogger. New office, new computer, houseguest, etc. Here is what happened in my food life today:

Breakfast involved a desperate call from my car to a coworker at 9:05 am to beg him to go to the cafeteria at work and buy me a greasy, sloppy breakfast sandwich involving fried egg, limp ham, american cheese and an english muffin. How international. I craved it desperately and I knew I would not make it to work before the cafeteria closed. He refused to comply with my sweetly-worded request. I grew angry. I drove faster. I made it to work in the nick of time, got my grease bomb and a side of sickeningly buttery hash browns to go with it. Ketchup.

Coffee Interlude #1
One single shot tall 2% latte. Free all day today.

Lunch was a variation on the same theme. For some reason my ham craving had not been fully quenched so I had a ham sandwich with swiss cheese and some pickles. And doritos.

Coffee Interlude #2
One single shot tall 2% latte with a little shot of amaretto. Gave it away to a coworker after I discovered that I had added an additional pack of sugar to an already cloyingly sweet drink.

I have no idea what dinner has in store for me tonight. Possibly pho. Stay tuned...


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