16 July 2002

In continuing with my lemon theme, I was delighted to discover that the cafeteria has once again started making my favorite lemon-poppyseed muffins. I can only think that this is thanks solely to my own efforts. You see, they had these great, moist muffins with the exact same consistency as cheap yellow cake. It was great to be able to order a muffin ostensibly for a healthy breakfast but instead secretly know that I was in fact eating cake first thing in the morning every single day. Then one day they changed the recipe so that the muffins became more traditionally muffin-like (drier, less fluffy). I lodged a complaint with the head chef, who responded to my pleas for the cake muffins with a bemused and indulgent smile. Then, magically, two weeks later, my cake muffins have returned! And the greatest thing is that NO OTHER FLAVOR of muffin has been restored to cake consistency except the lemon poppyseed - the one I complained about. So you see, individuals CAN make a difference.


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