16 July 2002

non-consensual midnight snack
while slumbering peacefully, i was suddenly jarred into consciousness by six sweet words: "eliz, i got you french fries." magda, ev and ann, after a few rounds at the batting cages, swung by Superdawg on Milwaukee and Devon, a 1950s-style hotdog stand complete with car-hops and giant flashing neon girl and boy hotdog signs. much more asleep than awake, i stumbled into my kitchen, collapsed into a chair, grabbed the fries and chowed down--at least i think that's what happened...my memories are a little fuzzy. the fries were okay, a little soggy after the drive home and a bit sour in my opinion, although i suspect that may have something to do with my lack of consciousness...maybe my tastebuds were asleep? french fries gone i stumbled back into bed and fell asleep immediately. maybe it was a dream?

uhrm, uh, oh after biking down to the south loop to find every store closed (shopping in the south loop? better be there before evening...even the restaurants shut down by 4:30!) i biked with ann and magda to their house, through greektown which reminds me that i MUST stop there after work one day to get olives. ate food the kyle made yesterday and today: dill cucumber rice and tomato sauce with squash and beet greens. while fairly delicious when eaten seperately, i do not recommend combining them. and of course chips with salsa. hell will freeze over before i am able to spend more than thirty seconds in that house without cramming about three bags worth of chips down my mouth. and peanut butter cookies made by magda--yum!

lunch in one hour or less
while cindy was eating her fiber-licious lemon poppyseed 'muffin,' full of healthy vitamins and minerals, i was dining at the local thai place. i avoided the place closest to my office, whose pad thai tastes like a pile of soggy shredded paper. instead, i dined on spring rolls drizzled with uncomfortably gelatinous sauce (the price i pay for eating in the loop), an ice tea watered down to perfection and pad thai that bore no resemblance to soggy paper. my father ate panang noodles, a dish that gave me violent indigestion when i last ate at this particular restaurant...i didn't mention that to him until just after he took his last bite--oops! on my way back to the office, i stopped at starbucks (supporting seattle economy from 2000 miles away!) to get my coworker a venti iced mocha and walked all the way back without taking a sip! now THAT'S self-discipline!


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