30 July 2002

this morning i ate breakfast for the first time in months. i generally tend to avoid the practice, blaming my horrible horrible habit of sleeping until the very last possible minute but, really, i just don't like that first and "most important" meal of the day. when i was a wee thing, my mom, being the good and concerned mother that she is, was always trying to coerce me into eating breakfast. if she wasn't making pancakes that spelled my name (a surefire technique if you're dealing with a second grader), she was insisting that i at least take an apple or breakfast bar to eat on my walk to school. i'm not proud of this, but, sigh, i would either slip said breakfast back into the fridge or, gasp!, throw it out! sorry mom! maybe if i'd eaten my breakfast i'd be 5'7" instead of 5'6".

this morning i had a bowl of organic (i.e. flavorless) rice krispies with lowfat (i.e. watered down) soymilk..i think i've already grown a 1/2 inch or so.


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