29 July 2002

my weekend in food was so deeply uninspiring. i actually forgot, really, to eat on saturday with the exception of a bowl of cereal in the morning. sometimes its just too hot to think about food or beverage. luckily, becky came over mid-afternoon and forced me to drink water, water and more water, giving me the energy i needed to fall down my stairs, go out to see the drag kings anyways, drink two corona's, feel sorry for myself and my sore foot (stair's related injury), drag myself home and have a cup of veggie broth with egg noodles while watching bbc dorothy sayers tapes.

on sunday i overcompensated for saturday's lack of water-intake and, while sitting in an all-day meeting, consumed approximately six bottles of water. i can, therefore, say with confidence that the international conference center on lawrence and sheridan has a lovely bathroom. after the meeting, i dragged myself home and made okra for the first time. the sliminess was a bit disconcerting but everyone at the potluck seemed to enjoy the dish.

but tonight i made a massive vat of cauliflower, potato and chickpea curry which will be lunch for the next week. curry is so easy to make and it tastes oh so good!


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