26 July 2002

while I quite enjoyed my stay in the wonderful obie-filled city of new york, i missed my favorite week of the year here at spertus: the distance learners week when, for five days, every meal plus snacks in between is provided by Kosher Gourmet. tragically, i only caught the tail end of the week and, therefore, only had one bagel breakfast and one kosher mexican lunch. i should say, though, that in the past year kosher gourmet has made leaps and bounds in the preperation of edible kosher vegetarian food. last year, while gnawing my way through pieces of rubbery deep fried tofu chunks, i oftened pondered how kosher cooks could go so wrong with veggie cooking. it occurred to me that a cooking class for kosher caterers led by vegetarian chefs could really improve the dining experience of jews worldwide. well, i suspect that this may have happened, as this years veggie kosher food is quite tasty. no rubbery tofu. no gelatinous sauces. three cheers for kosher gourmet! they even made their own seitan!

today for lunch: seitan sloppy joe's. oh yeah!


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