01 August 2002

oh, a small clarification. i did not eat bacon yesterday. phew. but i ate atrocious cucumber dill soup this afternoon at printer's row in chicago. in fact, come to think of it, the beet goatcheese salad was kind of crappy, too. my father and i eat out often and printer's row has become our regular meeting place due to its location. its a nice place...business casual, very nice servers (if somewhat robotic) and usually a very dependable menu. and, let me tell you, you can't get in two sips from your water glass before the folks there come rushing over to refill it...annoying yet sort of endearing. so, after a brief hiatus from printers row, we headed back today. my father ordered the venison salami starter and a pork sandwich with fries, both of which looked good. the french fries served with the sandwich at his request were crispy and had a nice flavor to them...probably fried in lard. i ordered the beet goatcheese salad and the soup. the salad featured red and yellow beets and was quite pretty. however, it was drenched in some sort of citris dressing that overpowered everything else on the plate. the soup was a disaster--i sent it back. there was too much of something, although i couldn't figure out what it was--either salt or lemon. in any case, i tried my best to stuff it down, resorted to making identifying the over-used spice a game, finally gave up and sent it back. i ate most of my dad's fries instead. and for dessert i had an apple pie with vanilla ice cream which was fine, if uninspiring. lucky for printers row, its one of a very small group of non-fast food restaurants close to my office.

dinner was popcorn with nutritional yeast, rice vinegar and basil. with a glass of chocolate soy. followed at 10pm by a broccoli cheese pie at ennui. followed at 12:30am by toast with farmers cheese and tomato sauce and a cup of chocolate rice dream.

roommate's dinner made at 12:00am by me while she frantically worked to finish a project: linguini with sauce, sauteed zucchini, cauliflower and tomatoes, garlic bread. good karma points earned by me=lots.


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