05 August 2002

lunch at the bourgeois pig!
portabello spinach baked omelette, americano, crumpette w/grape jam.

lunch cauliflower and potatoes stirfried in sesame oil, rice wine vinegar garlic cayenne and basil. with rice.

pre-dinner snack sips of the best rootbeer float in town at earwax cafe in wicker park, courtesy of lacey, sara and mark. a bite of jose's scallion tomato cheddar quesadilla

dinner at mas. fancy pants. spicy gazpacho. a goat cheese mushroom empanada. sangria and mango sorbets.

post-dinner snack cheese curls, grocery store cake, champagne, eggplant lasagna.

lunch sauteed cabbage, dill cucumber salad and rice; large quantaties of tortilla chips w/salsa; corn; coconut popsicle

dinner pasta with sauce (chickpeas, chard, onion, squash, tomato sauce, nutritional yeast--a kyle specialty)

more dinner tofu squash broccoli stir-fry; beet kolrabi carrot avocado salad w/vinegar mustard seed and sesame oil. tasty!!!


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