07 August 2002

yes, yes. just finishing my "mocha," a cup of office coffee with half a bag of swiss miss hot chocolate. very sophisticated.

last night had dinner with jen at ethiopian diamond, a delicious if slightly overpriced ethiopian restaurant a few blocks from my house. we had spinach sambusa, kik alicha (chick peas mushed with spices--my favorite!), okra dinish (okra with potatoes and unfriendly spices), gomen (collard greens with lots of garlic) and, of course, the obligatory fermented bread. jen got okra with lamb as well. the okra wasn't too great in general. but everything else was delicious! and eating with one's hands is such a good thing. for dessert we drove to southport and got ice cream at the brand new Double Rainbow. Jen: ultra chocolate and cinnamon caramel. Me: mint chocolate chip and ultra chocolate. not bad, although the mint chocolate chip tasted like mint extract.

lunch on the same day was a veggie burger stolen from one of my roommates. sorry! i ate it on toast with farmers cheese and tomato sauce, which wasn't too bad.


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