09 September 2002

l'shana tova!
this weekend was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year (5763 babeeee!) and, in celebration i ate lots of really good food. dinner at my folks' house was brisket, kugel, asparagus, salad, challah and my contribution, a fantastic plum cake. while i normally consider myself to be a vegetarian (excluding an occasional sushi dinner), i feel that it is my obligation as a jew to eat brisket. oh yes, i may not be popping out kids in order to increase the jewish population, but, dangnabbit, i'll do all i can to preserve jewish culinary tradition and if that means that i have to sacrifice my own dietary regulations and eat brisket, then SO BE IT! you see, its not about what you get from the community but what you can give back to it. sniff. it brings a tear to my eye.


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