20 September 2002

for the two weeks preceeding my period, my menstruation, the rag, the red curse, etc., my stomach becomes the bottomless pit. this means, of course, that i am a bottomless pit about 50% of the time. today is one of those days. i have dinner plans at 8pm tonight and am STARVING right now so i'm having a, er, "small" snack which is a bowl of shell pasta with tomatoes, feta cheese, basil, garlic [powder], salt and pepper. simplicity. filling. non-snack-like.

this is what elon ate for lunch:
"i had a salad with olives and a croissant
some triple cream brie and sugar snap peas, tomatoes,
artichokes and smoked turkey."

"kind of a weird mix," she says.

"good though," she adds.


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