01 October 2002

what happens when you forget to bring food for lunch, give the last dollar bill in your wallet to a street musician and have a year-end performance review in two hours and don't want to leave the office lest you appear to be a slacker? you drink TWO slimfast shakes for lunch and you steal a 1.5X3" rye cracker from your coworker and call it a meal.

i can't wait until dinner.

last night i had this fantastic sushi dinner at an obnoxiously trendy restaurant, SushiWabi. one of the bartenders was a white boy sporting the david beckham haircut (tres trendy these days!) tattoos up and down his arms. sigh. a boy you love to hate but, really, he was beautiful. wow, and wasn't i surprised to find that the west randolph is the place for up and coming trendy minimalist restaurants. sushi wabi was no exception and let me tell you i was g-l-a-d i was wearing my black pants.


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