30 September 2002

why would i ever go out to dinner at a restaurant when many, if not most, of my friends are fabulous cooks? i'd much rather go to someone's house, watch them cook, munch on raw veggies, pick the music and dine on fabulous food made just for me rather than sitting in some stuffy booth with inattentive servers, listening to bad musak and getting very small portions on very large plates. even good restaurants with attentive servers and a wide variety of vegetarian options does not measure up to the pleasure of dining at a friends house.

this weekend, jodi made polenta with rosemary mushrooms, pasta and steamed artichockes with pesto butter. we brought organic lettuce to make a salad and tiffany and amanda made brownies. i put on erasure covers of abba. we had wine and beer. it was all good. so good.


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