28 February 2005

april in town

april's visit is the best excuse to go out to eat and make elaborate meals at home. today for lunch we went to los jarritos for tacos, enchiladas and their awesome cheesy beandip, followed by a stop at Sweet Life, where i was finally able to bust out the extend0-fork.

i discovered the extendo-fork in chicago, back the weekend of my dad's birthday, at Restoration Hardware, while shopping with cindy. The fork, used to plunder the plates of your fellow diners, looks like a normal fork, but extends about two feet. as one of those people who is happiest when able to eat off of every plate on a table, not just my own (with the expectation that my fellow diners will do the same), the extendo-fork is pretty much a dream come true. no more awkward reaching now that i have the magical fork. i bought one for cindy, too...it seemed like the sensible thing to do.

when we went to moto, i hid the fork in my bag, knowing that it would be useful at some point in the meal. as we finished our bouillabaisse, i noticed my brother lingering over his bowl, leaving a few bits of fish unfinished. well, well. by this point, i'd cleverly swapped moto's fork with my own extendo-fork. i held up my fork and turned to my brother. "Mike," I began, "will you be finishing your fish? because if not, i'd love to take it." and to the shock (and, i'm sure, delight) of my fellow diners, i extended the fork to it's full reach and plucked the piece of fish from his bowl. needless to say, we spent the rest of the meal taking turns with the extendo-fork, posing with it, plundering plates, etc. as mentioned, i think we completely horrified my parents' acquaintances, who are quite the trendy and fancy lot. but the restaurant employees seemed entertained.


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