21 October 2002

we made this near disaster meal last night of fried green tomatoes (that involved a very very small yet dramatic grease fire--all my fault), roasted chestnuts (that exploded in the oven--i blame that one on don!), tarts (we had to make two batches of crust since the first batch had twice as much butter as required, the extra butter dripping all over the inside of the oven, burning and filling the house with smoke--that was the fault of the person who sent me the recipe) and salad and banana bread both prepared and served without creating any dangerous situations. and, i mean, the food was all quite tasty and thank goodness we all escaped unharmed.

as for cindy:
"For some reason I decided that four pounds of cheap pork shoulder would make a good meal (pork nauseates me even on its best days as bacon) so I took it home and cooked some of it up with apples and onions and some of it with chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. So then as a meal, I basically had four pounds of chopped up pork and nothing else. I gave it a shot but the pork was really chewy and gross. Then I ordered a pizza for one person from Piecora's, which mysteriously only offers one size of pizza, so I wound up with a massive pizza - enough to keep one person fed for weeks, I swear. A weekend of queasy fun staring at pork shoulder remnants and a small tower of cold pizza slices. Erg."

we are classy, classy people.


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