27 December 2002

my roommate made a "breakfast lasagna" containing ham, apples, cheddar cheese, raisins and pasta. it frightens me terribly. what is this need to combine sweet and savory? why can't people just leave the raisins out of the couscous? the nuts out of the brownies? why? why? ok, so i haven't tried it yet and i'm sure its actually quite tasty, right, but it still confuses me.

in other news, i made fantastic latkes for a friend's christmas dinner on wednesday. they were golden and cripsy and, oy, all the bubbes out there in the world would have been proud of me! i suspect that spending all day with Jewish grandmothers somehow helped put me in the right frame of mind. oy, and you should try my brisket! and kugel. in fact, it occurs to me that i have the potential to be a seriously great Jewish mother--i can cook the right foods, i buy good gifts, i'm a bit overprotective and neurotic and, well, what else do i need? nothing. well, one thing. hmmm....maybe i should've agreed to meet that nice yeshiva boy who lives across the street from one of the Jewish grandmothers. ummm.....uhhh....nah. but, oh those latkes were tasty, as was the rest of the dinner. i love potlucks. especially potlucks with lots of wine. and white elephant games in which i win a box of homemade peppermint truffles (thank you leah!).


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