09 December 2002

oh but the sushi was so good. we ordered far too much and actually managed to eat most of it. you know, got to fatten up for the winter! its critical in a city that gets so cold especially if the only winter jacket you own is hideously ugly and so you find yourself trudging thru the snow in 9 degree weather wearing a thin corduroy jacket.

on saturday night, we all celebrated the upcoming marriage of inez and kathy with a huge potluck at some friends' house. note: if you're going to get married, throw a potluck...especially if you're friends are all brilliant cooks like mine. we had: spanakopita, braided beet,sweetpotato and pumpernickel bread, rice lentil salad, wheatberry salad, burdock root, chicken flautas that just about made me cry they were so good, salsa verde, hummus, baba ganoush, beet garlic arugula salad (that was my contribution), green chili chowder, butternut squash soup, stuffed tomatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and definitely much more. i got so full so fast but had to keep eating because it was all so good. oh, and booze. lots of booze. and more flautas. i must have eaten about ten of them.

and now the almost married couple is off to mexico to the village the boy grew up in. they're starting an organice farm down there, in the middle of the mountains, surrounded by waterfalls. doesn't sound too bad, does it? i can't wait to visit!

and yesterday i had coffee cake and really atrocious decaf while working coat check at a lecture. from there i made my way to a festival of lights party just in time for the candle lighting ceremony. ate rice balls, cornbread, chili and cookies (all vegan) and then met up with some old friends to eat a heap of thai food (very not vegan...especially the beef curry. but wow was it good!). all in all, this past weekend the food was real good.


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