29 October 2002

if i could have anything at all right now it would be a big piping hot bowl of pho. i was going to check out the new vietnamese place on south wabash but it wasn't south enough so i settled for a veggie burrito which, wow, really didn't do it for me. so tonight after work i am dragging myself, headcold and all, to argyle for some of the real deal. i can already feel the steam gently drifting around my face. sigh.

did i say headcold? this morning in the little coffee area on the 8th floor, rather than open and empty the contents of a sugar packet into my coffee cup, i just dropped the entire packet in. i didn't realize this until i had already begun filling my cup with coffee. luckily, i was able to fish the packet out of the coffee and then put the sugar back into the cup, minus paper. not quite the auspicious start to the day.


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