22 October 2002

when i'm sick, the only thing i want to eat is veggie broth with egg noodles and, thus, have had about ten gallons of said delicacy in the past four days. broth for breakfast, broth for brunch, broth for lunch, broth for mid-afternoon snack, broth for dinner and broth for late-night snack. i'm floating here. last night i tried to diversify my diet and boiled some fingerling potatoes from henry's farms, fried 'em up with tomatoes and fresh sage and dumped some fresh mozzarella on top. i must say it was quite the waste of mozzarella and next time i'll go with something that is 1.more flavorful and 2.less expensive since the heat and taste of everything else drowned out all the mozzarella had to offer. wait a second. is mozzarella really spelled with two z's? erm, yes, apparently it is.


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