06 December 2002

you know you've got it good when you can find, within a four block radius of your house: thai, ethiopian, indo-pack, a german butcher, a 24-hour diner, a hot dog place and who knows what else.

last night i ate at ethiopian diamond which never disappoints. i can never rememeber the names of the different dishes but suffice to say, i love that yellow chickpea stuff and ohmy but the spinach stuff is good and, golly, i can't get enough of the bread. mmm, and the tea is fantastic even if you accidentally dump two heaping tablespoons worth of sugar in to your cup. and on friday nights you get to listen to the renaissance man of music, singing and playing the trumpet, the french horn, the harp, the drums, the keyboard, the clarinet and who knows what else (not at the same time). not bad for the local scene.

tonight is sushi with mom and friend. and then lots of ice cream. i also have to roast beets and garlic at some point.


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