16 May 2003

smashing! dinner last night after a fabulous tour of the chicago tribune library (thanks julia!) at big bowl which was sad since i really wanted salt&pepper squid from hong min. oh well. nothing like a little pseudo-pan-fusion-nouveau asian food to make you feel all warm inside. we split an appetizer ("Long Life Combo"--peanut sesame noodles, shrimp spring rolls and chicken satay) and i got a "make your own" stirfry with chinese ginger soy sauce and rice. ok, granted my stirfry was good but i would have chosen hong min any day of the week. although, really, it is so special to choose your own stirfry ingredients and actually get to go up to the bar and put them in the bowl by yourself. wow! how exciting! its like you're....cooking or something! and, you know, when i go out to eat, i am always looking to feel like i'm preparing the meal. its just so empowering.

well, who am i? after all, i could have chosen something off of the menu.

today for lunch, at any rate, i had cold leftover pizza which never disappoints. mostly because anything with bread, cheese and tomato is good. hot, cold, soggy, crispy, whatever. give me cheese, give me starch and give me tomato and i'm a happy camper. wait. no soggy. i take the soggy back.


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