03 June 2003

good sign

this morning when i opened up Outlook, i found this email from my future roommate waiting for me in my inbox:

Ginger tea:

fresh ginger
fresh squeezed lemon.

peel the ginger and cut it into little pieces then boil it for about 20
minutes (maybe about 1/2 c. of cut ginger in a small saucepan full of
water--if that's too strong dilute it). pour it in a cup with some lemon
and honey and drink it.

i used to get colds a lot and this is the shit to combat it with. plus it
makes you warm, improves your concentration and, incidentally, your libido.
some people put cayenne in it too, but that's too hard core for me.

you know you've done well when you're getting unsolicited recipes for cold remedies from the future roommate. i think it'll be a good year.

in other news, i've been emailing back and forth with someone for days and we've basically been talking nothing but fried chicken. days, i tell you, of fried chicken. her favorites are: popeyes, harolds and browns. apparently, the standardization that comes with chain chicken is a good thing. harolds is just around the corner from my office and i have seventeen days left to give it a try. she's equipped me with the lingo i'll need to complete a successful harolds interaction: "quarter white dinner with hot sauce on the chicken and mild (BBQ) on the fries." i'm good to go.


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