05 June 2003

so i stopped on my way home and picked up a naan vegetable roll at Lucky Kebab and Nehari house, my favorite Indo-Pak late-night (or dinner) restaurant and got a mango lassi for good measure. finished the lassi before i got home (it is, after all, a four block walk) but had a lovely dinner at the kitchen table with the roomie who then finally buckled under the immense pressure i've been exerting for days and made me dessert. auntie bonnie's krazy kake from how it all vegan, to be exact. but first he tried to convince me that there were no dessert-friendly ingredients in the cubbard and let me tell you, if you're trying to get out of cooking me dessert, that's not going to work because i can make anything from something. the lack of eggs was only a minor barrier, easily overcome by turning to our good ol' vegan cookbook. and while the cake would have been greatly improved with the addition of a bit of buttercream (oops! did i say butter?) frosting, it was good stuff. it's amazing what vinegar, flour, baking powder, sugar, cocoa powder, salt and a little lovin' can produce. granted, this particular cake did have vegan written all over it (slightly dry and tasting a bit, uh, earthy) but beggars can't be chosers. and he actually made me dessert!! what a pal!

tomorrow, crispy catfish salad at Thai Pastry. and, in honor of shavuot, hopefully a bit of cheesecake.


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