28 November 2003

we had thanksgiving at my mother's first cousin's daughter's boyfriend's house in palatine. my immediately family arrived 45 minutes late...never expect us to be anywhere on time. present were: my mother's first cousin and husband, their daughter, her boyfriend, my mother's first cousin's husband's sister-in-law, her son, my aunt and uncle, their son and his wife, my parents, my brother and myself. and a cat named samson. we had all the usual goodies: cranberry "sauce" out of the can, sliced, and arranged with a garnish of cabbage. coolwhip rainbow jello mold, fancied up this year with kiwi and strawberry slices, two turkies (which seemed excessive), pot roast (huh?!), stuffing, (lumpy) gravy, "green bean casserole" (more like lukewarm creamed mushroom soup with a few wilted green beans and some driend onion soup mix), a pumpkin pie, an apple pie, a chocolate mousse pie, a cheesecake, a basket of muffins and cookies and then hordes of appetizers beforehand that i won't get into except to say that filo dough baked with nothing except roasted garlic ISN'T really that tasty...its a little intense.


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