19 November 2003

i had cheese fries yesterday for lunch. i blame april...she made me do it. for dinner i had pizza.

today for lunch, i went to a talk given by a bahai woman who works for pfizer (figure that one out). they had pizza. i'll listen to a talk on any topic if it means free pizza. i'm shameless. she was really excited about the "gadgets" on the website which actually seemed to be "windows." but who am i to judge? she's bahai. she's probably way more centered than me. even if she works for pfizer.

tomorrow for lunch i'll have leftover curry. but friday i'm livin' it large with lunch at the newly re-opened chinese/vietnamese restaurant down the street from school! yay! i went to that place weekly when i was here before and its been tragic not having the option. thank goodness its back.

one could sum up my diet in two words: cheese and carbs. oh, that's actually three words. but you get the point.


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