19 June 2003

so much has happened in the past six days! highlights include:
1. Fogo de Chau with its fantastic salad bar and wandering bearers of meat. it wasn't quite as gluttonous as i'd anticipated, which was disappointing. i'd imagined long, shared tables, big blasting fireplaces, mugs of beer. apparently, i had an elaborate medieval festival in my head. this is what i wanted.
2. Bob Chin's Crab House and the "ex-CRAB-aganza." really. messy and good with butter-soaked garlic bread.
3. Harold's Chicken Shack #67. Where are #'s 1-66? Great fried chicken and fish.
4. Going away party for me involving cake, cookies, ice cream, cake, cake and cake. i ate too much. i got a stomach ache.
5. Naan vegetable roll from Lucky Kebab and Nehari House.


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