14 November 2003

continuing my celebration of my low cholesterol, i have had cheese fries and a tofu dog twice this week. the food offerings on the street nearest my office are totally grim, except for Red Hot Lovers, which offers some of the best hotdog kinda food this side of lake michigan. their cheesefries make me weepy and their tofu dogs aren't so shabby. its literally a stick of tofu, grilled and topped with whatever you want (monday i did the traditional chicago dog; today a "serious dog" [actual name] with bbq sauce, swiss cheese and coleslaw). though, i did get lemonade that was so sugary sweet that i tossed it--i could actually feel it rotting my teeth. but red hot lovers, man. at the rate i'm going, i'll need bypass surgery before i turn 30, but its just so good!


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