15 December 2004


this morning was treated to breakfast by considerate boss. we, the entire department, dined at the Glenwood, a pretty basic deli/diner kind or restaurant with all the usual suspects on the menu. i ordered coffee with soymilk and the european egg white scramble (chicken, tomatoes, swiss cheese, something green that may have been broccoli). it came with homefries, half of which were fried to crispy perfection, the other half of which were somewhat raw. how odd. and it came with wheat toast, the really dense kind that is like a meal in itself. she who paid the bill got yogurt instead of homefries (or fruit) with her eggs, which i found to be clever. i don't know what flavor it was, but it would be great to get a little plain yogurt and some honey. yum! anyways, now i'm sitting at my computer and feel a little nauseous from so much food.

that's all.


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