11 November 2004


we just had the Atkins Diet award reception for two rockstar catalogers at the library. no bread, no chips; just raw or pickled veggies and cheese. quite tasty, actually. and if desperate for carbs, one could always have a glass or so of wine.

i would like to confirm, on an unrelated note, my commitment to popcorn with vinegar (plus nutritional yeast and basil). not any vinegar but rice wine vinegar, ever so lightly sprinkled over the bowl. this tasty treat, created by a former roommate, gives the popcorn a lovely zing! those who criticize it clearly lack in culinary sophistication. and while i mourn their sophomoric concept of tasty, i celebrate the fact that it means more for me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh ho.
sophmoric concept of tasty?
dem's fighting words sista.
well i guess i'll package up my extra yeast extract flavoured with onion and salt and send it on to someone else then...
thin ice eliz, i'd say you're still working on the food advice debt since the broccoli in milk episode..


3:35 PM  
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