20 October 2004


last night, two stitch 'n bitchers showed up with a massive box of freshly foraged chanterelle mushrooms. of these mushrooms came mushroom curry with peas and squash stuffed with mushrooms. all delightful and ever-so seasonal! i also got a bag of chanterelles to take home with me. i'm hoping to replicate the curry, although i think i'll find some tasty options in my cookbooks, as well. luckily i've got enough for a few meals. the foragers went out to some woods and came back with thirty pounds of mushrooms! can you believe it?! in a few weeks, Mt. Pisgah, a local arboretum, is hosting a Mushroom Festival and i'm hoping to check it out with my mom, who will be visiting. if we're lucky, we'll have the opportunity to pick our own mushrooms. what fun! and they are so tasty! oh! i think that i'll make a tart with all of my wild mushrooms. oh yeah!


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