19 October 2004

fall meal

wow. it took a. and i four days to find some culinary motivation, but we sure pulled out all the stops last night. we'd spend thursday through sunday trying really hard to cook dinner and never quite feeling up to it when it came around, due to terrible sniffly colds and probably a bit of laziness. we did, as a result, have a lovely calzone from Pizza Research Institute, a fantastic duck with plum sake sauce at Chef's Kitchen, good hearty grub at Morning Glory, a deepfried pile of fish and potatoes at the fish market and sweets from Sweet Life. no complaints there.

but yesterday, oh!, after michael moore we went back to my place for grilled cheese, apple slices and veggie broth with egg noodles. amazing how comforting this 3rd grade-style meal was. but it paled in comparison to our dinner:

squash ginger apple soup, from The New Vegetarian Epicure
butterleaf lettuce salad with dried cherries, chevre and arugula
apple onion pork chops
pumpkin biscuits

and for dessert

pumpkin cheesecake

and a bottle of wine.

holy smokes! everything was PERFECT! the soup was divine! it was all divine! i wish i had pictures to post. i've been such a lazy non-cooker lately and i was reminded last night that it is SO much better to cook for and with people than alone. yay!


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