22 July 2004

fair food

here's to fair food! this week is the treacherous Ann Arbor Art Fair in which the town is transformed into row after row of tacky art in white tents swarming with middle aged white women with strange cooling devices (the neck cooler being a popular one this year). but along with the nasty comes fair food stands. elephant ears, lemonade, corn dogs, chicken on a stick, hot pretzels, etc. you name your crappy deepfried fair food product and it's here! indeed, a cause for celebration; a glimmer of light in the pit of despair (hot and humid despair) that is the Ann Arbor Art Fair. i had a small corndog and a chicken on a stick for lunch today; a. got an elephant ear that i had a bite of. wonderful deepfried "greasy treats in freaky grease"!!! aw man. heaven!


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