06 July 2004

today i had a spinach feta pita from Rendevous for lunch. why are the Rendevous sandwiches twice the price of the Oasis sandwiches even though they are owned by the same people, attached to each other, share a kitchen and the sandwiches are the same size? i believe the "greek goddess" and the "spinach feta" sandwiches are exactly the same. but i was in a rush and didn't have time to wait in the long line at oasis so i threw away $2, more or less. and then, sadly, i spilled oil&vinegar dressing all over my pants. but the sandwich was good. good thing, too, for $5.50 and oil all over my pants. this is why i should never wear nice clothing.

last night a. made fantastic chicken curry. yum! coconut milk!

since i have to


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