06 June 2004

just had dinner at The Mission, a Mexican-ish restaurant down the street from my hotel. i ordered the "Healthy Burrito," named so, from what i can tell, only because it was not deepfried. it was stuffed with cheese, rice and beans. oh, there wasn't meat in it, either. does that make it "healthy"? at any rate, it was mediocre at best, but i'm full so it was marginally successful. it also came with a very non-healthy but supertasty basket of fried tortilla chips. they were fabulous. the salsa left much to be desired, sadly, but the chips stood on their own.

down the street form the restaurant was Carl's Jr., a fast food restaurant found only on the West Coast, from what I can tell. there are t.v.'s propped up against the window facing the sidewalk, so when i walk by, i see these men, dining alone, all staring at the t.v.'s with glazed-over looks. but it kinda looks like they're staring at me with glazed over looks. it's very disconcerting.


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