10 May 2004

i'm in portland visiting The Fabulous Ann. this is what is being eaten:

-tapas at colosso: grilled calamari, grilled duck breast with beets, sugar snap peas and mushrooms, assorted olives, a Lime Richard, a Ginger Lynn, bread
-homemade sandwiches after a hike to the ocean
-strawberries and cherries
-The Farm, an almost vegetarian restaurant: a mint julep (new favorite drink!), the sardine plate feauuring sardines (surprise!), tuna, hard-boiled egg and pickled onion, a Farmhouse Burger with "hamburger style" fried eggplant. not bad. and ann had the world's smallest entree-sized crab cakes. for dessert a hea-venly chocolate souffle for which it was well worth ditching the sugar-free diet ("diet" in the it-makes-me-feel-awful-so-i'm-not-eating-it sense of the word rather than the weight loss diet).
-catfish hash at Bridge's
-greek food under a giant purple octopus
-a "protein cup" of eggs, veggie sausage and tomato
-free samples from wild oats
-green curry on Hawthorne at chopsticks
-a really tasty pink lady apple from the market


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